December Suite

Johannes Mössinger with Joel Frahm, Calvin Jones and Karl Latham

"the best jazz concert of the year", "Jazz of the real top level", the reviews show a great feedback and enthusiasm about the Johannes Mössinger NY Ensemble. This band has got an own fascinating jazz style and own sound. On December suite they play music in quartet and trio fromat. 16 songs with inventive new sound and rhythms and show again their great musical communication and melodic ideas . Four outstanding musicians supported by the great sound of Paul Wickliffe and Skyline Prod. in New Jersey


  1. December Suite Part 1
  2. December Suite Part 2
  3. December Suite Part 3
  4. December Suite Part 4
  5. Nature
  6. Winter Dream
  7. Relaxation of the Mind 1
  8. Ice
  9. Talking
  10. It's Snowing
  11. More
  12. Paranoid
  13. Relaxation of the Mind 2
  14. The Entrance
  15. The Hiding Place
  16. The Black Loft

All music composed by Johannes Moessinger

TRACK 7 Relaxation of the Mind 1


  • Johannes Mössinger | Piano
  • Joel Frahm | Saxophon
  • Calvin Jones | Bass
  • Karl Latham | Drums