Monk's Corner

Johannes Mössinger NY Trio with Joe Lovano

In September 2001 Johannes Moessinger met drummer Karl Latham and they started to work together playing music from Thelonious Monk in new arrangements from Moessinger. 

Moessingers label Double Moon Records wanted to produce a CD with that material and so the group recorded the first half of the CD „Monk’s Corner“ in Augsburg, Germany. Later in May 2002 they met again in New York City to work on the second half of this album and they recorded more tracks together with saxophon player Joe Lovano. A deep true experience for the whole new band.

Johannes Moessinger avoided to copy anything from Monks personal piano style. Instead of imitating Monk, he created his own sound through Monks music.

Listening to their version from „Brilliant Corners“(Monk) you can hear, how much Joe Lovano enjoyed playing with Moessingers trio. The version of „Brilliant Corners“ does not need to be afraid about the comparison with the first legendary recording of it with Sonny Rollins. 


MODERN DRUMMER 1/04: "Johannes Mössinger New York Trio
Monk´s Corner Double Moon Records

On this mix of Thelonious Monk tunes and originals, drummer Karl Latham is subtle and supportive of Johannes Mössinger´s melodic and angular piano. Latham has a feel on drums that offers plenty of nice shading and accents, reacting as a part of the trio and propelling things forward. Check out the post-bop interpetations of "Bemsha Swing", for example, or the funky take on "Well You Needn´t." And on "Brilliant Corners", which features guest sax from Joe Lovano, Latham delivers a surging solo filled with rolls and punctations. Whether playing it delicate or groovy, Mössinger´s trio consistently displays strong ideas." Martin Patmos


  1. Bemsha Swing (Monk)
  2. I mean you (Monk)
  3. Brilliant Corners (Monk)
  4. Well you needn't (Monk)
  5. Twilight (Mössinger)
  6. Monk's Dream (Monk)
  7. Quirilunga (Mössinger)
  8. Back up (Mössinger)
  9. Monk's Mood (Monk)
  10. Criss Cross (Monk)
  11. Tango du Soleil (Mössinger)


Credits: recorded May 2002 at "The Studio" NYC, sound engineer Jon Rosenberg (Track 3,5,7) and October 2001 at "Traumraum Studios" Augsburg by W. Lackerschmid. Mixed and mastered at "Topaz Studio" Cologne. Produced by Johannes Mössinger and Volker Dueck, Fotos by John Early.

TRACK 6 Monk's Dream (Monk)


  • Johannes Mössinger | Piano
  • Calvin Jones | Bass
  • Kermit Driscoll | Bass
  • Karl Latham | Drums