Johannes Mössinger Solo - Vinyl LP /CD

Poetry is the current solo production from Johannes Mössinger. The album is recorded in 2011 and shows Moessinger with all his experiences as an artist from the last years.

Tour experiences, live concerts and delvelopments as composer and improvisator, all together creates that special sound oft this new album. Pure music from the artist Johannes Moessinger.

It started all with the opportunity to record an album at the legendary MPS Studio in Villingen, Germany. It took not many time to think about it and to decide, that it will become a solo recording. The new label HGBS-Records produced it together with Johannes Moessinger as a Vinyl-LP and CD.

Recording solo in a studio with this well known history, where Friedrich Gulda, Oscar Peterson and many other big names of the piano scene recorded their masterpeaces, was a special challenge.

And indeed the recording days turned out to become a poweful session, with many magic moments and the important openness for a creativ solo performance. Also very important was the instrument of the studio: A Boesendorfer Imperial grand piano.

Johannes Moessinger says about it:“ The perfect instrument for Poetry. A piano sound, which one would like to always hear more and more.“

This production is rounded off through the lyrics from Geseko von Lüpke. He created words, an own little poetry for each song.

From the lyrics by Geseko v. Lüpke:

VIII. Subject to an irritating sound pattern is ‚The Yellow Way’. It is insistent, intensive, almost like a needle piercing into the brain and sounding as if a much too narrow standard must be pushed through. Melody lines appear afterwards whirling around this piercing energy while producing a harmonic counterpart until the piercing ends and is unified with the melodic reflection.

An improvisation about the art of transformation by which something new is created, being based as much on emotive as on playing art and by which technique must not be proven but proves instead a superb level of playing art. 

IX. Pure poetry of sounds! The searching in the space of melodic metaphors for sounds which concepts, language or arithmetic compositions are unable to create. The entirety is so much more than the sum of sounds, tempi and rhythms. Even the interval counts more sometimes than the minimal hesitation between two touches.  

Nothing is real’ is only then coherent when the imagination of reality is based on maps and sheet music. We live in realities however which are in realty as different from each other as a primeval forest from an artificial lawn. The effects are: A tune like a breath of air, a special moment, an unforgettable kiss. With the advantage however that it can be repeated....


  1. When God takes a break
  2. Paraphrase
  3. Joana’s Dance
  4. Accept the Unacceptable
  5. Promenade
  6. Tequila and Salt
  7. Into the Future
  8. The Yellow Way
  9. Nothing is real
  10. Invention
  11. Pictures of Love
  12. One More Blues
  13. Juli P


Credits: recorded at HGBS-Studio, sound engineer, mix and mastering by Gerd Puchelt, fotos by Gerhard Müller and Klaus Polkowski, executive producer Friedhelm Schulz

TRACK 13 Juli P


  • Johannes Mössinger | Piano