Johannes Moessinger US Quartet 2018

Johannes Mössinger, Andy Hunter, Adam Nussbaum,Martin Gjakonovski

Johannes Mössinger Quartett

Johannes Mössinger Quartet

„Best jazz concert of the year“, „Jazz from the top league“, the reviews about this quartet are full of enthusiasm and show a group, which found its own fascinating jazz style. Four exceptional musicians combine their art of playing to unforgettable compositions.  … read more

Johannes Moessinger Solo

Johannes Moessinger Solo Piano

Johannes Mössinger Solo

Johannes Mössinger Solo

Jazz pianist and composer Johannes Moessinger has recorded and performed on the jazz scene since 1996.  The beginning of his career was marked through his solo album „Spring in Versailles“ from 1998 and his CD Monk’s Corner from 2001 with Joe Lovano.  … read more

Johannes Mössinger – Joel Frahm

Johannes Mössinger/Joel Frahm

Johannes Mössinger/Joel Frahm

Johannes Mössinger and Joel Frahm
met 2016 in New York to record their new Album „New By Two“ (Unit Records UTR 4802). It is another highlight in their long and creative collaboration and after many years of playing  … read more