Johannes Moessinger Solo

Johannes Moessinger Solo Piano

Johannes Mössinger Solo

Johannes Mössinger Solo

Jazz pianist and composer Johannes Moessinger has recorded and performed on the jazz scene since 1996.  The beginning of his career was marked through his solo album „Spring in Versailles“ from 1998 and his CD Monk’s Corner from 2001 with Joe Lovano.

2018 Johannes Mössinger released a very modern and up-to-date recording of J.S.Bachs Inventions and Sonfonias. Inventions and Sinfonien – J.S.Bach. He is not using the pedal during the whole recording and is playing on a top level on both sides: the technical and the musical parts. With clearness and delicate articulation – a singing version of Bachs music.

He was touring all over Europe, in North America and the Middle East. He created many jazz compositions, a string quartet, music for film and 24 CD productions as a leader.




Since then the artist Johannes Moessinger is working mostly with his New York ensemble together with Karl Latham, Kermit Driscoll and Calvin Jones, with his various solo projects, as a composer and he collaborated with many international jazz musicians such as: Joel Frahm, Bob Malach, Enrico Rava, Calvin Jones, Don Braden, John Lee, Seamus Blake, Boris Kozlov, Johannes Enders.

Poetry is the current solo production from Johannes Mössinger. The album is recorded at the legendary MPS Studio in Villingen, Germany. Recording solo in a studio with this well known history, where Friedrich Gulda, Oscar Peterson and many other big names of he piano scene recorded their masterpeaces, was a special challenge.

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